Naturheilpraxis Ernst


 Colon Hydrotherapy



This ancient naturopathic procedure, colon cleansing with water -otherwise known as an enema - is enjoying increasing popularity in Germany.

Especially since the procedure can now be performed gently, comfortably and effectively. Therefor we use the the permanently installed Colon Hydro Station. 



In the United States this process, wich contribute to maintaining your health and vitality, has already become standard  procedure.  (2.)  (3.)  



Colon Hydro Therapy (CHT) is indicated for:

- Obstipation, diarrhea,

- Fungus infections (e.g. Candida albicans, Aspergillus ), often resulting in migraines      and fatigue

- Skin inflammation (e.g. eczema)

- “Detoxification" in general, ridding yourself of toxins in your body,



- Non specific back pain/problems

- Allergies

- Rheumatism

- Disorders of the immune system


The patient lies comfortably on his/her back on the examining table and is constantly attended to by the colon hydro therapist during the treatment.

When necessary, a light massage of the lower abdomen is performed. 

The actual treatment lasts 45 minutes. Additionally, a 15-minute period of rest is included if required.